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9 Home Design Trends That Are Over In 2022

As the world is finally recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are getting adjusted to the new normal – and embracing new home design trends that come with it. Whether you are looking to give your living room a refresh, update your kitchen with a trending colour, or decorate your newly-built townhouse from Legacy Homes, stay away from these 9 home design trends that are over in 2022.

9 Home Design Trends that Are Over by Now

As we’ve all survived through a pandemic, we were forced to spend much more quality time within the interiors of our homes. As a result, 2022 continues to favour trends that combine beauty with functionality instead of these impractical styles:

1. Open Concept Homes

While open concept design plans were incredibly popular several years ago, the quarantine life has revealed all the pitfalls of an open concept home. Working from home is not exactly practical when your children are attending school from the dining room table. In 2022, more and more families opt for functional and separated spaces that provide enough privacy for each family member.

2. All-White Kitchens

In 2022, we are seeing kitchens moving away from all-white and minimalist trends towards more natural elements and colour. With people getting used to spending more time at home, they are craving colours, textures, and material mixes. And, frankly speaking, white kitchen cabinets were never practical to keep clean anyway.

3. Tiny Home Offices

In 2022, kids are finally heading back to school, and their parents who were once working from home are heading back to the office. As a result, miniscule home offices based out of a laundry room are no longer needed, giving the way to dedicated, spacious office spaces and study rooms.

4. Cheap Furniture

Among other home design trends that are over in 2022, cheap, easy-to-assemble furniture pieces are finally leaving our homes. While it can be an excellent way to save money, this “fast” furniture is not made to last and to withstand continuous daily use. Instead, homeowners are scavenging thrift stores in search of old, quality furniture that can be repurposed or redesigned to match a more modern interior.

5. Exposed Kitchen Hood Fan

For years, exposed stainless steel kitchen hood fans were considered essential to achieve a high-end kitchen look. However, as warmer, more nature-inspired styles come into fashion, exposed kitchen hoods are starting to fall out of favour. Instead, more traditional-looking custom hood fans are taking the lead. Luckily, when you buy a pre-construction home with Legacy Homes of London, you have more than one choice! Our design team can help you choose just the right hood fan to match your kitchen and stay in style in 2022 and beyond.

6. Neutral Copycat Interiors

While Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok can be great sources of home design inspiration, many people used to simply copy the looks they saw on these platforms. Beige, grey, and off-white copycat interiors are finally out, and brighter, more personalized designs are finally in.

8. Faux Décor Items

The year of 2022 is all about sustainability and indoor-outdoor living. This year, homeowners choose to give up plastic and man-made materials in favour of wood, stones, natural fabrics, and nature-inspired colours. This also means less faux plants and flowers. If you love the idea of having greenery in your home, but even your cacti manage to dry up, preserved flowers are a great alternative.

9. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tile floors were once popular, – but, when people started to spend more time at home, mosaics gave in to more clean and consistent options that are easy on the eyes. In 2022, we are seeing mosaics being replaced with larger tiles and materials that are easier to clean and give a more serene feel to the space.

Design the Home of Your Dreams with Legacy Homes

While design trends come and go, one thing is constant: nothing can compare to the design possibilities that open up when you purchase a new construction home from Legacy Homes. Now, that you know which home design trends are over in 2022, you can confidently head into your design appointments, choose your townhome upgrades, and design the home of your dreams. Find your new home now.

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